Westbury Property Maintenance are committed to providing a safe place of work and the prevention of injury, ill health and to ensure, so far as reasonable practicable, the Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees, sub-contractors and those affected by their undertakings.

Westbury Property Maintenance acknowledges the need to implement Policy, Organisation and Arrangements to have an overall effective health and safety management system. The Management System will be monitored, reviewed and revised on a regular basis.

To meet this commitment Westbury Property Maintenance will, so far as reasonable practicable comply with: –

  • Health  and  Safety  at  Work  Act  etc.  1974,
  • Management  of  Health  and  Safety  at  Work  Regulations  1999  as  amended,
  • Control  of  Substances  Hazardous  to  Health  Regulations  2002  as  amended
  • Provision  and  Use  of  Work  Equipment  Regulations  1998  as  amended,
  • Manual  Handling  Operations  Regulations  1992  as  amended,
  • Personal  Protective  Equipment  at  Work  Regulations  1992  as  amended,
  • Personal  Protective  Equipment  Regulations  2002
  • Display  Screen  Equipment  Regulations  1992  as  amended,
  • Lifting  Operations  and  Lifting  Equipment  Regulations  1998  as  amended,
  • Health  and  Safety  (Miscellaneous  Amendments)  Regulations  2002,
  • Work  at  Height  Regulations  2005,
  • Control  of  Vibration  at  Work  Regulations  2005,
  • Control  of  Noise  at  Work  Regulations  2005,
  • Regulatory  Reform  (Fire  Safety)  Order  2005,
  • Control  of  Asbestos  Regulations  2012,
  • Construction  (Design  &  Management)  Regulations  2015,

Westbury Property Maintenance will: –

  • Provide safe systems of work
  • Provide suitable and sufficient Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision
  • Maintain a safe place of work
  • Undertake Risk assessments for all activities of the company
  • Undertake Health surveillance, where required
  • Monitor and review company activities, to ensure compliance with legislation and management systems

All employees / sub-contractors have duties under the Health and Safety at work etc. Act 1974: –

it shall be the duty of every employee while at work—

(a) to take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and of other persons who may be affected by his acts or omissions at work; and

(b) as regards any duty or requirement imposed on his employer or any other person by or under any of the relevant statutory provisions, to co-operate with him so far as is necessary to enable that duty or requirement to be performed or complied with.

Westbury Property Maintenance are committed to preventing pollution, reducing waste, increasing recycling and to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and any other environmental requirements.

Westbury Property Maintenance will actively commit to: –

  • Minimise the use of energy
  • Minimise the use of Natural Resources
  • Maximise recycling
  • Where practicable avoid the use of hazardous materials
  • Reduce environmental nuisance (Noise, Dust, Air Pollution)
  • Dispose of waste responsible and legally

To Meet this commitment Westbury Property Maintenance, comply with the:

  • Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Control of Pollution Act 1974

As a medium size business we are not legally obliged to issue a statement on this subject, but as an ethical and forward thinking company we feel morally bound to make public our commitment to upholding a high standard of practice in regards to the grave issues surrounding modern slavery and people trafficking. This is a global issue that needs to be recognised from the grass roots and we aim to ensure that we have all the necessary measures in place to respond effectively and with due diligence to any risk that may arise. We commit to treat everyone we employ and sub-contract fairly and without prejudice.

At Westbury we recognise the impact human rights abuse has on any society and therefore our aim is to respect and seek to protect the rights of all humans irrespective of race, religion, creed, and sexual orientation.

Our pledge is to educate our staff on the seriousness of the issues surrounding these matters and ensure that as a company operating within the modern world with its associated diversity we treat everyone with dignity and inclusiveness.

We uphold the government stance on equal rights for all and commit to comply with any section of The Modern Slavery Act relevant to our business.

Westbury – big enough to service your needs, small enough to care.